Net and Screen.

   Clam/Oyster Protective Nets


Hatchery Bag Net/Tray Liners

IMG_20170806_193809   IMG_20170806_193556

Hot Zinc Dipped Wire Screen                              Fiberglass Screen

IMG_20170806_193707            IMG_20170806_193424

Double soft Braided Nylon Rope              PP ROPE(8.5mm x 1200ft)

Nylon Rope 3         PP Rope

Heavy Duty Nitrile Coated Gloves

Glove no cuff

Suspender Kits                                                                 D-Clips

suspender kits         

Aluminium Pole for Hatchery Tray


Spat Bag:  Size: 50cm x 80 cm,   0.75mm mesh


Onion Bag: Size: 50mm x 80mm, 3mm mesh


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